How to apply treadmill silicone oil

treadmill silicone oil

A treadmill is a very important machine in a gym. among the most active machines in a gym setup is a treadmill. treadmills can either be motorized or manual. irrespective of your treadmill type, a treadmill requires a constant maintenance services to ensure it’s efficient working and safety.

Application of the silicone oil to lubricate the treadmill is a very important maintenance practice. A treadmill being a very sensitive machine it requires careful maintenance service more especially when applying the silicone. applying the oil to the treadmill running deck can can cause many problems including inconsistent treadmill speed, treadmill stopping when a load is applied.


Treadmill silicone oil ensures that the treadmill runs smoothly and it ensures that the motor is not strained.

treadmill silicone oil
Treadmill lubrication oil for all types of treadmills
  • Do not use 4D lubricant spray
  • Do not use car engine oil
  • Do not use cooking oil
  • Do not use any other silicone lubricant that isn’t recommended for treadmills

Use only treadmill silicone oil. For treadmill silicone orders visit Gartex shop

how to apply the silicone oil

  1. First start by switching off the treadmill and  unplugging your treadmill from the power supply.
  2. then unscrew the rear screws holding the rear roller until the belt becomes loose enough, remember to use the right tools when unscrewing to avoid damaging the screws.
  3. Then raise the running belt gently and clean the running deck using a dry piece of clothe. please do not use a wet clothe. you can also use the dry air blower to remove any remaining dust from the running deck.
  4. Now start applying the treamill silicone oil on the running deck only and then using the palm of your hand rub the applied oil on the deck gently just like when you are applying oil to your body. Remember to apply the silicone oil evenly.
  5. After the successful application of the silicone oil on the running deck, now start tightening the belt back by screwing the rear screws back until the belt it tight enough.
  6. N/B:  Do not make the belt to tight or too loose .
  7. Now plug the treadmill power cable and start the treadmill and let it run for around ten minutes before you start using it.

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