Does microwave cause cancer?

Microwave oven

The invention of a microwave revolutionalised the cooking technology and made cooking more faster and efficient. in a few minutes you can cook food which could have been cooked for longer time using the conventional cooking methods. A microwave oven uses less energy to cook food which means that its power efficient. And due to its smaller size it occupies less space. and much easier to clean hence making it suitable for people with smaller kitchen space.

Microwave oven

For a long time people have belied that a microwave can cause cancer.Can cooking food using a microwave cause cancer?  No.

This is the misconception that has been around us for a long time because some people believed that a microwave heats food inside out. How does the microwave cook food?

How the microwave cooks food?

A microwave oven cooks food by dielectric heating effect caused by the microwave energy produced by the an electromagnetic component called magnetron

The dielectric heating is achieved when the electromagnetic ration stimulates the vibration of water molecules in food. dielectric heating occurs best in polar substances (things that contain water molecules).

Does microwave radiation remain in the food after cooking?

Microwave wave radiation stops immediately after the microwave oven has been switched off. Food does not carry or store any microwave energy it hence the food warmed or cooked in a microwave oven is free of microwave radiation and safe for consumption. The microwave oven is approved by the world health organization for cooking.

According to the American cancer society, the following are the common causes of cancer:

  • tobacco and smoking
  • virus and other infections
  • sun and exposure to UV and other radiations
  • poor diet and physical activity
  • alcohol consumption.