How to Use a Automatic Treadmill


A treadmill is used used for aerobic exercises whereby the trainer person runs or walks on the treadmill running belt. It can either be electric meaning that it is driven by an electric motor. Every treadmill has its own features ranging from speed, torque, incline, size , peripherals, weight it can carry etc.

How to use a Treadmill
A person running on treadmill
  • Seek your doctors advice before starting your training on a treadmill. Your doctor will give you the best advice that is related to your health for safe treadmill use.
  • Get some good comfortable sport shoes.

treadmill shoes
  • Get some drinking water. It is advisable to drink water during exercise in order to re-hydrate yourself since you are going to loose some water from your body through sweat.
Drinking water during exercise
Drinking water
  • Do some Warm up exercises first before starting your aerobic exercise on your treadmill..
  • Use your treadmill safety key. you can slip it to your cloth. This will help stop the treadmill instantly in case of an accident.
Treadmill safety key
  • Now start your training by selecting the lowest speed on your treadmill and push the start button. The treadmill will start moving slowly, start walking normally just like when you are doing a normal walking on the road. walk for about 3 minutes.
  • Then start increasing the treadmill speed little by little up to about 4km/h speed as you also increase your walking speed. Jog at this speed for about 3 minutes. Make sure that you don’t start at high speed on the treadmill.
  • You can now increase your speed up the level you are comfortable running. maintain the speed till you feel its enough for you.
  • Then start reducing the speed slowly until you start walking. Walk for about 1 minute the stop the treadmill.


A treadmill uses approximately 600 to 700 watts depending on the  treadmill’s power rating. the number of watts consumed or used by the treadmill depends on the number of hours the treadmill is running.

Ways to stay safe on a treadmill

  1. Never use your phone or answer any phone calls while on the treadmill. Stop the treadmill first then answer tor calls or texts.
  2. Do not step out of the treadmill while the treadmill is running. Always wait until the treadmill stops then get out.
  3. Always remember to use the safe key.
  4. Remember to maintain and service the treadmill, also apply the treadmill silicone lubricant regularly.
  5. Make sure to concentrate on the treadmill while running. Do not make jokes or listen to other people talking around you.
  6. Do not drink water while running on a treadmill. Always stop the treadmill then drink water to re-hydrate