How to use a microwave oven

Microwave oven

A microwave is an important cooking machine that uses microwave energy to heat or warm your food safely. The microwave energy has been scientifically tested and found to be safe in cooking food. Hence the microwave does not cause cancer or any other diseases.


How the microwave work

A microwave oven cooks food by exposing the food to  an electromagnetic radiation  of microwave frequency therefore making the water molecules contained in the food to be excited and rotate therefore producing thermal heat. This process of cooking is called “dielectric heating”

Microwave power consumption

in a research carried out in 2016, a microwave was found to use more power when in a standby mode than when used in heating food. Hence we recommend that you switch off the microwave oven from the power supply when not in use to minimize power wastage.

Microwave oven
microwave oven

Always remember to defrost your food first before microwaving it. This is because the microwave oven heats food by dielectric heating which works best at 0 °C.

  • Do not cook your eggs in the microwave oven. this is because the eggs behaves like a closed air tight container when heated can explode because of a phenomenon called super-heating of liquids. 
  • Do not heat or overheat products for too long. Things that are overheated for a long time can catch fire.
  • Do not put conductive or metal objects like metal plates, spoons  in the microwave. This may cause an electric arc or spark.
  • Always cover your food when microwaving your food.