Things to check before buying a microwave

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Microwave is fast and reliable for  every modern kitchen. It saves space and time not forgetting its low power consumption ratings. How to use a microwave oven? Its is also simple and easy to use even for the beginners.

Can a microwave oven be repaired? The microwave is also repairable and technicians are available all over the world with its spare-parts widely available in every country.

The microwave was invented by American engineer Percy Spencer after world war TWO in 1946. Today almost every modern kitchen has a microwave for cooking. A microwave has various uses including, warming food, cooking food, defrosting food, reheating food, re-hydrating stale Bread etc.

The microwave is safe for cooking food and doesn’t cause cancer. Therefore its time time to look at various thins to look at before purchasing a microwave for you kitchen.

Microwave oven
Countertop microwave oven

Types of microwave oven

  1. Solo microwave oven – used for reheating food, simple  food cooking.
  2. Grill microwave oven – used for reheating and grilling food.
  3. Convection microwave oven – used for reheating, grilling food and baking.

There are also countertop microwave types and wall microwaves. Before buying a microwave you should consider whether you have  enough space in kitchen. If there is less space in kitchen consider buying the countertop microwaves. Countertop microwave ovens are cheaper and more readily available in the market and usually easy to movable.

Kitchen space

As discussed above it is important to consider the available space in your kitchen for the microwave. The counter top microwave takes less space in this case and its the most convenient in smaller kitchen. Most microwave ovens have a width of between 29 and 30 inches.

Power consumption

Microwave ovens with higher wattage ratings perform better, so the higher the wattage the better. Microwave oven power wattage ratings range from 800watts – 3000watts. A microwave rated 1000watts running for 1hour will consume 1kwh (unit) of electricity. When buying a microwave consider buying the one rated above 800 wattage , buying a microwave rated 600 watts will be very slow in cooking.

Microwave color

Choose a color that will blend in well with kitchen colors. Microwave ovens come in a wide range of colors to choose from. Sample microwave colors include :Tropical Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, White, Mint Green,Textured Black, Buttercup YellowCandy Red, Quicksilver or Bisque etc.