Hot shower repair

Hot shower repair

You can save a lot of money by learning how to repair most household appliances at home. Some appliance may be having a minor problem like blown fuse which is easier to replace by yourself instead on looking for a technician to do it for you.

The invention of a hot shower made showering using hot or warm water easier and enjoyable. The invention of the hot shower dates back to the year 1930 by unknown entrepreneur.

The shower is made up of the electric heating element which is used to heat water very fast as the water passes through it. It works using the same principle as the coffee make only that with hot show more water flows. The flow switch is responsible for turning the shower on when enough water is flowing through it and it turns the shower off when water stops flowing trough it.

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Power consumption

The energy consumption of the instant hot water is approximately 5kwh for 120v and 7kwh for 240v electricity. it should be noted that the electric hot shower consumes power when water is flowing through it.

Common hot shower problems

1. Lukewarm water in the shower :

This can be due to burnt  heating element section or lack of enough water pressure to switch on the shower. It can also be as a result of bad contacts in the flow switch.

Open the shower using  a screwdriver to check and identify the problem. If the element is burnt, replace it and the shower will now work fine. The heating element can be bought from local electrical shops or you can shop online at Gartex shop

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Hot shower repair

2. Inconsistent water temperature:

If the water temperatures is constantly changing between hot and cold that could be a sign of a bad flow switch. This could be due to arcing of the flow switch contacts. Repair it by cleaning the contacts well using a file. If the contacts are badly damaged replace the shower with a new one.

3. Not heating water

When the shower doesn’t heat water at all it can be very disappointing. Generally the reason could be that the heating element is badly damaged and needs a replacement. It could also be due to baldy damaged flow switch contacts in which case the shower should be replaced. 

Always remember to check whether electricity is available to the sower. Occasionally the shower problem could be that it is not receiving electricity. Check the power lines, wall switch and mains switch.

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N/B: Electricity kills, always be very care when dealing with electricity and use recommended tools. Electricity can kill and therefore caution must me taken to avoid electric shocks and burns.

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