Fat tummy or stomach exercises

Exercises have a lot of benefits to our health and well-being being. Doing body exercises regularly can help prevent heart diseases, help control your body weight, enables your body to manage blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Regular body exercises can help improve mental health status and mood, can also improve your thinking, judgment and learning skills etc.

Do the right exercises

By the fact that doing exercises regularly is very beneficial, it is also important to note that different exercises have different effects on our bodies. There are exercises for the upper part of
the body, exercises for abdomen, exercises for hands and legs . Different exercises have different results. Depending on what you want to achieve, it’s advisable to do the right exercise for the the
right expected body results.

Big tummy and sex

Flat tummy is good for everyone, be it men or women its benefits to have a flat tummy. Having big tummy can cause you a lot of problems ranging from health, beauty and sexual.

A big tummy is called kitambi in kiswahili or swahili language. This kitambi can be very embarrassing and quite uncomfortable at times.

For men big tummy affects their sexual activity in that the cannot be able to have sex with a woman in normal styles. And it is almost impossible for that man to satisfy his woman in bed or reach the G-spot.  That is to say that big tummy (kitambi) makes the penis shorter and less strong.


Flat tummy exercises

Among the benefits of body exercises that is well appreciated is the maintenance of the desired body size, weight, and shape. For this reason we are going to discuss about exercises that help reduce body tummy. Among the most searched topics online is” exercises for flat tummy”.

Here are some good exercises to help you get a flat tummy in few weeks time. Remember that this exercises should be performed regularly and consistently for the best results.

1. Sit ups

1. Scissors legs
2. Straight legged sit ups
3. Suitcase sit-ups
4. Supine leg circles
5. V-sit hold
6. Crunch
7. Bicycle crunch
8. Reverse crunch
9. Dead bug
10. Jackknife
11. Plank reach
12. Forearm plank
13. Rocking high plank
14. High plank
15.. side plank
16. Russian twists
17. Commando plank
18. Flutter kicks
19. Sit ups
20. Leg raises

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