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When it comes to treadmills Shandong Tianzhan Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd is the most reliable treadmill manufacturer with their treadmill fitted with the most advanced technology and durable materials. The company is ISO9001:2008 Certificated  and all of their equipments are commercial gym machines have been approved with CE certification.

All the TZ FITNESS equipments are built to be innovative, functional, durable, and stylish in a way that promotes healthy, and active lifestyles.

TZ Fitness are gym equipment distributors   throughout dozens of countries and regions, such as Europe, South–east Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa.


TZ Fitiness treadmill

Things to consider when buying treadmill

It is important that you consider our technical advice before buying a treadmill for commercial purposes as this will help you safe time, money and embarrassment later after purchase. Many people ignore the technical advice and later suffer the loss of money and time trying to repair the treadmills.

Consider the availability of spare parts

the availability of spare parts for any machine is an essential thing to consider, Trust me no one wants to purchase a machine that doesn’t have spare parts in the market. It is good to find out if the manufacturer of your equipment has spare-parts for sale for their  machines. Many treadmills have been rendered useless because of the unavailability of spare-parts in the market and the manufacturer is unwilling to offer spare-parts.

Tz Fitness equipment have their spare-parts readily available in the market and they offer after sale services to their customers.

Excellent Warranties.

A warranty ensures clients of the product quality, durability and also it shows the company’s full confidence in their products. the good news is that all TZ fitness equipment come with warranty..

Motor Size

Look for a treadmill that has higher horsepower(HP). A good commercial treadmill should have 3HP and above. The treadmill motor should also have high torque. AC motors are recommended for commercial treadmills and are more reliable and durable than DC motors.

TZ Fitness  Treadmills come with giant motors with 3.0-7.0HP(2.2kw) and Input Power voltage:AC220v+_10%(50hz or 60hz).

TZ-8000B Commercial Treadmill - Treadmill
TZ-8000B Commercial Treadmill

Incline Range.

Get a treadmill with a higher incline range for better training experience.

Running Belt.

Choose a treadmill with a more durable running belt and a treadmill with a thicker running belt.

Higher Speeds

Aerobic exercises go with speed.  treadmill with speeds ranging between 0-20km/h will be good for a better  for aerobic exercises

Deck Size (Running Surface)

Running Deck with a wide running space is more recommended since it can accommodate different  body sizes of people and it is also more comfortable .

treadmill_motorized treadmill

Larger Max User Weight.

This is the most important detail to consider when buying a treadmill. Buy a treadmill that can carry a user wait of more than 150kg.

Guaranteed Durability.

Look at the durability of the metal parts and electrical parts that have been used to make the treadmill. The more durable the parts of the treadmill the better.