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Professional Treadmill Gym repair

Just like most gym machines, a treadmill may occasionally run into problems, especially if you use it frequently. We do professional treadmill repair and maintenance in and out of Nairobi county. Treadmills come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and features. These are the most common treadmill problems: Slipping belt; Erratic speed; Burning smell; No display; Heated belt; The incline function won’t work; Treadmill display showing error code etc.

We sell all kinds of GYM spare parts such as control boards/ motherboard treadmill motors, incline motors, safety keys, silicone oil lubricant, treadmill lubricant, running belts, displays running decks, etc..

Treadmill repair

Maybe you are asking yourself “Can I get a gym equipment repair technician near me?”

Yes, you can get a treadmill repair service near you.

Simply give us a call and we will make an arrangement to send a technician to your place…

Treadmill repair & Gym equipment repair service

Treadmill Check-Up and Maintenance, Perform repair services to the equipment, Give professional advice to our customers, Installation on new Machine and Assembly, Sale Parts for all types of Fitness Machine. Treadmill repair services near me. Treadmill Repair. Trust the Treadmill Repair. Experts. We’re in your neighborhood and we’ll fix it, no matter where you bought it.


Full gym equipment repair and service

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Treadmill error 01

Error code E1  just means that the console (screen board) is not getting a reading from the reed switch (Speed Sensor). If the treadmill moves for few or several minutes and then produces the E1 error, this is most likely as a result of the running belt needing lubrication or it requires service. When the treadmill shows error 01, the motor control board will shut down due to the motor pulling too much current, triggering a safety shut down. It is important to maintain a regular service schedule for your treadmill.

Treadmill error 02

Error code 02 shows that the treadmill a problem with either the control board or motor. The technician will check the motor first to check if the motor can run normally. If motor health is normal,  then perform the control board repair or replace the control board.

Treadmill error 03

If the treadmill is running for a few seconds then stop and console board shows E03, probably the Speed sensor is bad or the control board is bad.

Treadmill error 05

This error shows that the treadmill encountered a current overload. The treadmill has a Current overload protection or Unstable speed protection. You need to Check the components on motor control board. If the board is burnt or components are bad, order to repair or replace the control board.

Treadmill error 06

Treadmill error E6 or E7 error code is an incline function error code. When the treadmill shows error E7 code it means that the incline sensor is readings from the lift motor are out of range. This can happens when there is a bad wire harness connection or a damaged wire harness or incline motor failure or the incline motor needs some adjustments.

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