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Stationary Bike repair

Gartex Kenya provides  professional Stationary Bike Repair and Maintenance. We do a stationary bike drive belt replacement, calibration of resistance or just basic fine-tuning and adjustments, we cover everything you need to ensure proper functionality of your gym machine.

Exercise bikes are one of the proven to be a fun, effective way to get into and stay in shape. These bikes are perfect for cardio exercises, thus the exercise bikes they can be used effectively in a personal home gym and by businesses. However they can run into problems that require an experienced and professional technician to restore the to their original  usable state. For repair and maintenance services call our engineers today. Technogym  and Life Fitness offers some of the best exercise bikes for gym and home use. 0736008519

A recumbent exercise bike features relaxed seat positions and proper pedal spacing to ensure a comfortable riding experience for all gym exercisers. The recumbent bike is available both for business and home personal use.  A recumbent bike is great for cardio and offers more back support to prevent injury. Precor Home Fitness, life fitness, techno-gym are some of the companies that supply .recumbent bikes.

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Stationary Bike repair/ Maintenance Checklist:

Check cables
Lubricate chains
Check shocks
Check electrical connections
Check handrails
Diagnose errors
Clean covers
Clean frame
Vacuum interior
Clean friction belt
Grease pivots
Check springs

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Can I get Treadmill repair near me?

Maybe you are asking yourself “Can I get a gym equipment repair technician near me?” Yes, you can get a treadmill repair service near you.

Simply give us a call and we will make an arrangement to send a technician to your place… (0736008519)

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