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Karua has never been afraid to speak her mind and she has been a fighter and a defender for justice. BY been appointed to the kenya’s first female deputy president is now as kenyans we have anew hope. Our hope as kenyans has been rekindled, this is the moment for kenya. For many years now we have been crying for a leader who can stand against corruption and other economic injustices but now our prayers have been answered. Finally the third liberation has come. We thank Hon Raila odinga for the wise choice that he made by appointing the iron lady to be his running mate for the august general electrions. 

“Anyone who claims to be a leader must speak like a leader. That means speaking with integrity and truth,” Harris said in an Instagram post. Martha karua is the kenyan kamala Harris, and she shares many leadership qualities with the american depute president. The Veteran politician and former Justice Minister could be the first female deputy president in Kenya’s history. Indeed this the moment for not only the Kenyan women but also all Kenyans because of her staunch record as a human rights defender. 

The chairperson of Maendeleo ya Wanawake , Rahab Muiu, a national membership NGO that seeks to unify, nurture and empower women in Kenya, described the move to norminate Martha Karua as historic for women in Kenya. “I’m very happy for Martha , she deserves it,” she says. Furthermore, Muiu is confident that, if Martha succeeds, she will promote a women’s agenda in the new government. “We have unique problems as a nation which we are confident will [be] addressed […] with a feminine touch,” she tells The Africa Report.