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Like most electrical and mechanical machines, a treadmill may occasionally run into electrical or mechanical problems if used frequently for exercises such as cardio workouts. We repair and maintain gym machines like treadmills at an affordable price.

Our technicians can repair the machine and bring it back to life again. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment or create an account and request for installation, repair/maintenance service quotation.

We offer comprehensive electronic maintenance service for gym equipment.

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Treadmills and other gym machines can occasionally run into electrical and mechanical problems. Some problems are simple to troubleshoot, while others require an experienced gym technician. Let not the broken down machine hinder you from keeping fit. 

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Treadmill console repair

Treadmill Running belt is loose, drifting or slipping

Loose treadmill running belts or slipping is a common problem with most running machines, and sometimes it can cause multiple errors on the console. Always be careful when “centering” the belt. Do not run the belt faster than “1” mph. Remember to keep your fingers, hair, and clothing away from the running belt.

Treadmill Console not displaying

The console or display screen may stop functioning and require an expert to troubleshoot it. The technician may recommend a repair or total replacement of the console based on the extent of the damage. For self-troubleshooting, Please Double check that all connections are secure, especially the console cable. Unplug and reconnect the console cable.

A worn belt and deck can contribute to premature motor and motor control board failure.

Bad console buttons or dial pads

 – The reason for this can be because of: 

  1. The keypads are defective
  2. The console is defective. 

Extended gym/Treadmill repair services

We offer repair and maintenance services for any type of Gym exercise equipment both commercial and domestic. Remember that machines that are regularly maintained last longer than those that are not. why wait? Book a date with us for a maintenance or repair service.

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Treadmill incline function is not working properly and the treadmill is making noises

Sometimes a treadmill may present elevation or incline function errors on the console, or the elevation motor may stop working. These can be very frustrating, but you don’t have to worry so much about this because we have a solution for this problem. To keep the elevation function in good condition, ensure the motor is frequently lubricated using the recommended lubricant oil.

Treadmill incline motor

Other Gym equipment that we repair

Treadmill, multigym, exercise bike, recumbent bike, benches, Elliptical bike, Rowing machine, Stationary bicycle. We fix pedal and resistance problems in gym bikes.

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Treadmill Burning smell

The running machine may present with a burning smell while on use. There are several causes for the burning smell from the drive motor which includes motor overheating or a bad motor control board. If the machine is producing a burning smell, stop using the treadmill and call us for assistance.

Treadmill safety key

Lost treadmill safety key

By bad luck, a treadmill safety may be lost and that would render a treadmill to be completely unusable. We do sale treadmill spare-parts such Treadmill safety key, treadmill lubricants, treadmill running belts etc.

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