How to use Bench Press

bench press

Training Muscles: Chest, Triceps, Deltoids

Bench presses  workout exercises used to train upper body muscles, including the chest, arms, and shoulders.

How to use a bench press

Step 1 : Begin by positioning yourself

  • Lie down flat on the bench press so that the bar is straight up over the chest
  • Hold the bar such that your grip just inside the ring marks. Raise your chest up and squeeze your shoulder-blades back and down by pinching your shoulder blades together.  Bring your feet back under your knees and hold them firmly on the floor.


Step 2: Unrack the weight

Straighten your arms to lift the bar up. Move the bar so that it’s balanced directly over your shoulders.

Step 3: Lower  the bar slowly

Lower the bar to slightly below your nipples while slightly tucking your elbows and keeping your forearms vertical and directly under your wrists. Make sure to use full range of motion such that the bar physically touches your chest at the bottom.

Step 4: Press the bar up

bench press use

Press the bar from below your nipples to directly above your shoulders. The bar should not travel straight up and down, but rather slightly back towards the starting position. Focus on moving the weight by squeezing your chest together. Your shoulder-blades should be retracted and pulled down throughout the press, and your butt should remain in contact with the bench.

Perform 5-10 reps, depending on weight used. Perform up to three sets.

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