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We are experts in microwaves, ovens repairs. Often microwaves require repairs when they stop working. If a microwave repair is uneconomical, we’ll let you know so that you can make an informed decision about what to do.

If a microwave is not heating food, it’s likely because the magnetron in your microwave is broken and it has to be replaced. We also sale microwave spare parts. You can always shop for microwave spare parts at gartex online shop, we deliver to all countries.

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The magnetron is a high-powered vacuum tube that works as a self-excited microwave oscillator. When your microwave is running perfectly but its not heating food, that  means that your microwave could be having a problem with the magnetron, fuse, capacitor or diode. A magnetron is a device that is responsible for emitting the microwave waves that are used to heat food. Most of the time when the microwave is not heating up, the number one thing to suspect is the magnetron.

Secondly when the microwave is not heating,  a fuse that is connecting the step-up transformer and the high voltage capacitor may be blown. Always remember to discharge the high voltage capacitor before working on the microwave to avoid electric shock. You can buy this fuse from us from our online shop. Kindly do not loop the blown with an wire because this may cause fire and explosions when there is a problem with the capacitor in future.

A capacitor in the microwave that is bad can be responsible for the failure of the microwave top heat up food.

In order to test whether the microwave capacitor is working properly, one needs to be set to the highest resistance range of the multimeter ; The perform the following test procedure;

1. Measure the resistance of the two terminals of the capacitor, and the resistance after charging is about 10MΩ;

2. The total  resistance between the capacitor terminal and the casing should be infinite;

3. When the capacitor is bad, the short-circuit capacitor is always on;

4. When the capacitor is bad, the open circuit capacitor always shows a resistance value of about 10MΩ due to its 10MΩ internal resistance and when the internal wiring in the high-voltage capacitor is open, an infinite resistance will be shown.

Common microwave problems

Microwave Plate Won’t Turn 

Things to check:

    • Plate
    • Guide Roller
    • Coupler
    • Drive Motor

Microwave Won’t Turn On

Things to check:

  • Wall Plug
  • Door Latch Assembly
  • Door Switch
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Ceramic Fuse

Microwave Door Not Closing Properly

Things to check:

  • Door Latch Assembly
  • Hinges
  • Torsion Springs

Microwave Door Stuck Closed

Things to check:

  • Microwave Latch Assembly
  • Open Door Trick

Microwave Doesn’t Shut Off

Things to check:

  • Door interlock switch
  • Smart Board

Microwave Not Heating

Things  to check:

  • Door Switch
  • Voltage Diode
  • Magnetron
  • Capacitor

Microwave Making Noise

Things to check:

  • Plate and Drive Motor
  • Magnetron
  • High Voltage Diode
  • Cooling Fan

Microwave Light is Out

Things to check:

  • Light bulb
  • Control Board

Microwave Touchpad Does Not Respond

Things to check:

  • Membrane Switch
  • Control Board