How to repair a microwave oven

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A microwave oven is an important cooking appliance in the modern world. It is used in offices, home, hotels, shops etc. the microwave uses dielectric heating technology to heat food. The microwave energy that produces the dielectric heat is generated from a device called magnetron. The magnetron is responsible for producing the magnetic radiation of the microwave range.

  • Microwave repair should be done only by a certified handyman or technician.
  • Before opening the microwave, you should unplug the microwave oven first from the electricity power socket.
  • You should make sure that your work station is away from children and its safe and clean.

 After opening the microwave , now discharge the capacitor safely!

  1. First check the fuses and test them if they are blown. if blown replace them
  2. Test the thermal fuses first to check whether they are blown or burnt. If the thermal fuses are bad. replace them and power on the microwave to see whether its working now.
  3. Test the capacitor to check whether is stores charge. If its bad replace it and power the microwave to see whether it is working now.
  4. If not working after replacing the capacitor, now test the diode to see if its burn or blown. if it is bad, replace it.
  5. Now test the magnetron by checking its resistance. if bad replace it and power the microwave to check  whether it is working fine.
  6. If not working you can now test the door switches and replace the spoiled ones with new working switches.

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